Judas Priest have no plans for retirement

Judas Priest could settle down, get a nice little cottage in the English countryside, drink cups of tea and enjoy a nice little retirement (that’s probably what K.K. Downing is doing right now). But nope, that’s not in their plans, instead they’re going to stay fucking Metal apparently (not literally fucking metal, that would be painful of course, I just mean they’re staying as an active Metal band).

But we all already knew this right? I mean we’ve already covered the controversies of the band’s “Farewell Tour” in which the band aren’t actually saying farewell as such, they’re just fucking with semantics (again, not literally fucking. That would be impossible).

So yeah, I didn’t actually read the story, I just made this post purely from seeing the headline over at Blabbermouth. I’m not even joking. If you care though, why not head over there and read the story yourself? It might contain something interesting I missed because I’m a lazy bastard.

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