Hear the new Anthrax song

It’s been long enough, but finally a brand new fucking Anthrax song is available for your listening pleasure. And that can only mean the new album isn’t far off. Well September 13th kind of “not far off” which actually is fairly far off, but not in terms of Anthrax albums.

You can listen to the new Anthrax song ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ by going to the band’s website here and entering your email address to be sent a download link. That’s right, no shitty YouTube streams, you get the real deal with Anthrax.

But if you like shitty YouTube streams, see below.

Did I download it? Of course I did. The song kicks major ass, and Belladonna’s vocals are sounding awesome. Make sure you check out the song for yourselves.

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