Evanescence will smack you in the face

In a recent interview with MTV, Evanescence frontwoman claims the band’s latest effort, will be the ‘heaviest record they’ve ever done’ (which they totally didn’t say about the last record at all) and “will smack you in the face”.

Funnily enough, if anyone ever played me Evanescence I’d probably smack them in the face, although I must make it clear I do not condone violence at all. Unless, Evanescence‘s music is involved of course.

In seriousness though, putting aside my snide comments, I really must thank Evanescene. Their last album, 2006’s The Open Door, provided me with the perfect Christmas gift for someone stupid that I hate.

Moving on, fans of Evanescence should check out We Are The Fallen instead. They’re also shit, but I just find it hilarious that they contain more original members of Evanescence and sound more like Evanescence, than erm, well Evanescence.

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