Tuesday Trivia: The duck walk

One of the most recognizable things about AC/DC is Angus Young’s duck walk. Many consider it his ‘signature move,’ but did you know it’s not actually his?

Well, he did make it famous, plus his whole stage persona comes as a package: schoolboy uniform, guitar playing, duck walk. But someone else came up with it and he’s just as legendary.

Speaking of schoolboys, don’t confuse this with MJ’s moonwalk.

Make the jump to read who came up with this move and how Angus came to use it. It’s fairly common knowledge but, hey, I’m taking over Simo’s TT job today so Captain Obvious or not, I’m gonna teach you a thing or two about rock ‘n’ roll. Wooo…

Chuck Berry is the original inventor of the duck walk. He’s one of Young’s primary influences and he came up with it as a child. His family was amused while he was doing the move to retrieve a ball, so he recognized its entertainment value right away.

He then used it at a live show in New York and it was dubbed ‘the duck walk’ by a journalist.

Here’s Chuck doing his thing:

Notice how he goes all the way and does a whole lot more than Angus around it. A true legend and a great guitarist. We may be a metal site but Chuck Berry kicks ass, so you might as well listen to his shit. In the meantime, allow this white-guy-pretending-to-be-black dude to explain you how to properly do the duck walk.

It’s actually pretty informative. Thanks for the lesson, dork. Now go back to your Eminem music.

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