Something nu from Dan and Dave

Guess who's who.

Extra, extra! Read all about it: Dan Spitz and Dave Mustaine had a lunch together. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? And the end of any sort of quality journalism going on over here?

Well, seems that it is, because the original reporter presumes they had the lunch “after spending all night working at Mustaine‘s studio Vic’s Garage.” And I guess since this was reported on Monday, they spent the previous day praying in a church together somewhere. Harsh? The project’s called Red Lamb, so I think I get a pass.

To all of you not familiar, Dan Spitz, after re-joining and re-leaving Anthrax went on to focus on his personal business (check next Tuesday Trivia for more), but just like AIDS, once he picked up the guitar again, it was hard to remove from his body. So the shortlived project called DeuxMonkey was born, but it didn’t really go anywhere, because their singer left them last month and said he’s gonna sue their asses off if they use any of the stuff he wrote with them. Welcome Dave Mustaine, the savior, who has come in to pick the project up from the ground.

What can we expect form this? In Dave‘s words:

“I heard it and I just went, ‘Oh my God!’ It’s like a cross between, say, Disturbed, Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine kind of thing. Little bit of some smatterings of Anthrax because of the speed stuff, but it’s much more modern and much more heavy sounding.”

So, not much really. Need I remind which band is Dan‘s favorite? I will. Next Tuesday, bitches.

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