S&BLS: Zakk not so wild anymore

We all know Zakk Wylde. A beer-drinking, motorbike-riding, epic-beard-having, bad-ass motherfucker. Wylde isn’t just his name (his real name is Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt, by the way), he is wild. Or rather, was.

He had to stop drinking, for understandable reasons, a while ago and now he’s going really soft. How? Well, just read the following statement of Zakk about Black Label Society’s upcoming live DVD:

“[We’ll] get a pedal steel player, some background singers, a string quartet…Just go the whole nine yards on this instead of just the full-blown, blow-it-out band. We have two (DVDs) out there with the full-blown band, heavy insanity. This’ll just be something different.”

Full interview here.

I might be the only one but I really enjoyed Metallica’s S&M, and I overall just like metal mixed with piano and/or strings, so I’m actually looking forward to this. Let’s just call it S&BLS for now.

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