Friday Top 10: Best AC/DC songs

AC/DC… One of the biggest bands on Earth and probably one of the best. Their simple riffs and simple drum beats magically worked together to create some of the most amazing songs in existence. There is really nothing else to say about them except that they’re legends, they’re brilliant, and they are better than your favorite band.

When it comes to selecting their top ten songs, it’s not easy. Surely everyone will love the entries in this top, but when it comes to the order, I’m sure there are many different opinions.

So make the jump if you want to read my take on what their best songs are. You have the right to disagree, of course, but that won’t make you right. By making the jump you accept my amazing opinion as being pure fact.

#10 – It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock ‘n’ Roll)

It’s a long way to the top and apparently a long way to finishing the title. A very classic AC/DC track performed by Bon Scott. Unfortunately Brian Johnson doesn’t perform this live out of respect for Bon, but I think that’s a mistake. The song kicks major ass and the world needs to see it live.

Australia’s ACDC Lane was named in honor of the band and the video for this song played a big part in that, because it was shot close by. You learn something every day from my lectures.

#9 – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The title track of AC/DC‘s third album. Another Bon Scott track which is just synonymous with the AC/DC sound. Listen to those riffs. Don’t they just want to get up, drink a few beers and streak naked in your city?

A couple filed a $250,000 lawsuit against Atlantic Records because they claim their phone number was included in the song. This happened in 1981 and apparently the song’s 36-24-36 digits were followed by something ‘sounding like an 8.’ Thus a lot of crank calls were made to their number. Yawn.

#8 – Shoot To Thrill

Finally a shorter title.

This song is off AC/DC‘s classic Back In Black album which just kicks your ass. The video above is obviously done to promote the shitty movie ‘Iron Man 2’ but the song is from 1980 and is another classic.

Besides Iron Man 2, this song’s been used in three other bad films: xXx: State Of The Union, Talladega Nights and The Dukes Of Hazzard,

Shame, cause the song just rocks your face off.

#7 – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

Oh boy, here we go with the long titles.

Anyway, this is the title track from AC/DC‘s eighth album. This was also used in a soundtrack for a film, this time Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. The title is based on an ancient Roman salute used by prisoners being executed in the Colosseum.

But if you’re thinking the cannons were inspired by that, think again, bitch. Apparently they were cutting the song the same day as Princess Diana’s wedding. It was obviously televised (just like this year’s shit royal wedding) and someone was watching it in another room in the studio. As they heard cannons going off, they thought it fit so they just went with them.

I have way too much access to Wikipedia.

#6 – You Shook Me All Night Long

This is the one song I play when I use my blowup doll. It’s just a pretend-sex anthem.

But seriously, this song kicks ass. Some fans claim AC/DC sold out with it, but get real. It sounds awesome. It’s also from Back In Black.

The title itself is inspired by Muddy Waters’ blues song “You Shook Me.” See? Shorter title, yo.

The video above is a second version, and it was pretty controversial in its time because it features a model getting dressed. We don’t want to see that, do we? We want to see her getting undressed.

#5 – Thunderstruck

Finally. A song recorded after I was born and with a shorter title.

This is just classic AC/DC, isn’t it? Probably one of the most recognizable one, too. Just listen to that intro.

This song’s been used in so much shit, it’s probably everywhere. Aside from the shitty Adam Sandler film The Longest Yard, this has been in commercials and sporting events all over the world. I don’t blame whoever used it, it’s so original it basically melts your cock off.

I used a live version for the vid above because it just sounds great.

#4 – Hells Bells

Another Back In Black song.

Doesn’t the intro of this song remind you of ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’? I always hum the main riff to that song when I hear the intro to this one.

Anyway,  not much I can say about this song except it kicks ass. Oh, it was also used on that Maximum Overdrive song, just like ‘For Those About To Rock…”

#3 – T.N.T.

Pretty short title considering what other shit they got, right? Oi… oi, oi, oi…

Another Bon Scott track and guess what, it kicks ass just like any other AC/DC song. This is from 1975, I was exactly -11 years old when it was released. My parents weren’t even old enough to fuck.

The lyrics are just great and they describe my social life. Lock up your daughter, lock up your life, Alex’s coming to town.


#2 – Highway To Hell

The title track to the sixth (and last Bon Scott) album. THE AC/DC song, as far as I’m concerned.

In my opinion, this song showcases just how great of a replacement Brian was. I’m in no way, shape or form disrespecting mr. Scott, but his vocals here are so similar to what Brian did after him, it’s such a smooth transition.

Speaking of the legend and God that is Scott, he passed six months after this song was released.

If you’re wondering what the song is about, it’s apparently about being on the bus on Mt. Hood Highway in Oregon, USA, because when you’re driving on it and the sun is setting, it looks like you’re driving towards a giant fireball. Again, I’m so informative you can almost call me Mr. Google.

#1 – Back In Black

Come on, is it really a surprise? The quintessential AC/DC track. Simple but genius riff. Great and distinct vocals. Makes you want to just go out and wreck havoc.

This song is legendary. Many people think it’s overrated but I disagree. It’s pretty fairly rated. I dare you to find a better one.

It’s from the classic album of the same name, which was produced by Shania Twain’s former husband, Mutt Lange, who also worked on Highway To Hell.

The song itself is a tribute to Bon Scott and the lyrics are trying to celebrate his life… I don’t believe in afterlife and all that shit, but if Bon Scott could hear this album (and song), I’m pretty sure he’d be honored to see what AC/DC became after him.

Amazing track from a legendary album, and with the best guitar riff of all time. This song is what it’s all about.

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