Kailin release Remnants

UK newcomers (and incomers), Kailin have released a new track called ‘Remnants’. Well, they released it nearly a month ago, so it’s not really that new, but I’m not the fastest guy around. Slow and steady wins the race, and all that…

The track has various ‘tags’ on Soundcloud, such as ‘please download this song and we will give head’ So by writing about this song I’m hoping I’m going to be owed a lot more than just head. Hopefully full intercourse? I can only dream. The image above also may not be the current lineup, but luckily they’re so far away, no one will be able to tell.

So is the new track any good? You can press play below and find out for yourselves, but my opinion is pretty damn epic in all honesty, so go ahead and read what I have to say too. The track is heavy and melodic, taking the kind of direction they had with previous track ‘Colours’ and pushing the envelope further. The ambient elements and breakdowns seen in ‘Colours’ are still a feature of ‘Remnants’ and the stark contrast of melodic harmonious instrumentation and aggressive screams make for a stunning combination. If this is a sign of the progress Kailin have made so far, I for one cannot wait to hear what the band come up with next.

The song can be downloaded in a full CD quality WAV file from Soundcloud. I’d download it myself, but that’s 48 megabytes I could be using on porn. Just kidding, I did download it, and now it’s your turn.

Kailin – Remnants by Kailin

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