Some facts for Sunday

Sit down, it’s time for Sunday school. I know what you’re thinking, you’re tired, hungover, dreading the thought of work tomorrow, and what you really want, is to be bombarded with bullshit facts from your favorite Metal site. Well consider it your lucky day then.

Fact #1 – 666 isn’t the number of the beast, 616 is. Wikipedia doesn’t lie kids. So next time you’re singing along to The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, make sure you alter the lyrics accordingly. Same applies to Slipknot‘s Heretic Anthem.

Fact #2Korn can change their sound as much as they like, they’re still going to suck.

Fact #3Duff Mckagan isn’t rolling in cash.

Fact #4 – I’m awesome.

Fact #5 Dose of Metal is perhaps the greatest independent Metal site on the whole of the internet. *

That’s it for today, stay tuned to Dose of Metal for more amazing posts like this, and much more.

* N.B. Some of these facts may not be facts in the conventional sense, they are more like lies. Factual lies.

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