Check out: Primordial

No, this isn’t your weekly dose of Metal, but it is indeed a recommendation to all you serious Metalheads out there. We’re so awesome here at Dose of Metal, that we’re all about getting the good name of Metal out there, and I think it’s about time I mentioned a band called Primordial here at DoM.

Primordial are an extreme (Folk infused) Black Metal band hailing from Ireland, and believe me, that isn’t as bad as it sounds, trust me. The band began back in 1987, starting out as a Thrash and Death Metal band. However, following a slight lineup change in 1991, the and began experimenting more with the atmospheric sounds of Black Metal, as well as with their Irish Folk roots. Hell, Wikipedia has all the information you need on the band though.

The band have a brand new album out, which was released only yesterday, titled Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand. I highly suggest you check it out, as initial reviews are suggesting it’s one of the best Metal albums this year. The new song, ‘Bloodied Yet Unbowed’ taken from the album can be heard below.

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