Video of the Week: Asesino

A couple of masked Mexicans, what could this be? Lucha Libre Wrestling? No, Tony Campos (vocals and bass), former bassist of Static-X, Dino Cazares (guitars), of Fear Factory, and Emilio Márquez (drummer), formerly of Possessed, form Asesino. A Deathgrind band that simply kicks ass.

Cazares used to play with Brujeria and when he left the band, he started Asesino, a band in the same vein. As in Brujeria, all members of Asesino use pseudonyms, Cazares is Asesino, as he was in Brujeria, Campos is Maldito X and Márquez is Sadístico and featured on this song is none other than El Odio… who? Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. He’s not in the video but he sings backing vocals on the song above, ‘Regresando Odio’. Enjoy.

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