Happy Mondays

So today is Monday, the start of the week for many of us, and a shitty time for those that it is. I don’t know about you guys, but my Monday has been particularly bad. First, my mom tells me that I owe her rent and that I’m the result of an abortion gone wrong, and then my boss has the audacity to actually ask me to do some work. I mean really? Me do work? Does he not know me?

Yesterday Guido was nice enough to show you the best way to end your weekend, and now I’m going to attempt to show you the best way to start your week. I advise listening to some really upbeat Pop music. Something about fairies and happy things, that will really give you the energy you need for the week. I’m kidding of course; ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some Metal. Introducing The Red Chord‘s Demoralizer. Now hurry up and click that play button.

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