Weekly Dose of Metal: Alestorm

It’s time for another Dose of Metal. Twis week we’re bringing you Alestorm, True Scottish Pirate Metallers. That’s damn right, Pirate themed Metal. Yarr!

Alestorm started as Battleheart in 2004 but changed their name to Alestorm when they signed to Napalm Records in 2007. Ever since, Alestorm have been looting and molesting women all over Europe, like when they toured with Pagan Fest alongside Ex Deo, Unleashed and Korpiklaani. I’ve seen them live on that particular tour and I got to say that they are a lot of fun live.

This very song, called ‘That famous ol’ spiced,’ perfectly showcases Alestorm’s style of Pirate Metal. Yarr!

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