No more Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

No, this is not an editorial on the sad fact that guitar gods are endangered species. It’s about your favorite video game! Well, guess what? You won’t be playing a new one this year, because Activision have announced plans to scrap the latest Guitar Hero title.

“Oh no, but what can I possibly spend the hard earned money my parents gave me on, if I can’t buy a new game which is essentially a rehash of the previous five and could have easily been offered as a free or affordable download pack if Activision wasn’t a greedy evil company in the first place? Wait, I know, I’ll buy a new Rockband game instead!”

Tough luck kiddo, because Rockband is on the same path. The path of going nowhere, that is. So it’s not really a path at all…

So listen to your uncle Simo. There are pros and cons to the Guitar Hero games, but this year, you could consider buying a real guitar for that money, you know. Just a thought. God knows I wish I spent less money on games and more on porn magazines when I was a kid.

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