Proof Lemmy isn’t racist

Lemmy might have a huge collection of Nazi paraphernalia, but he isn’t racist. If you want more proof, check out the chick above. Yes, that is a chick. Her stage name is Skin and she’s from Skunk Anansie, a British band you probably never heard of.

Well, it’s Lemmy‘s favorite band, so how can you be racist when your favorite band’s singer is black? Makes no sense, yo.

“Skunk Anansie reformed, which is great news for me, you know? They’re my favorite band, I think. I went to see them in London a little while ago. You know they reformed, right? I went to see them in London the day before we played Brixton Academy, they played there, so we went down.

Read full interview here.

Make the jump for a song from Skunk Anansie called ‘Charlie Big Potato.’ I wonder who it’s about. I have a similar idea for a song, it’s called ‘Lemmy Face Potatoes.’

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