Judas Priest’s pants are on fire

No, I’m not talking about the results of the Vindaloo Rob Halford had last night, but instead some little “white lies” the band have told. Despite announcing a farewell tour a while back, Judas Priest have clarified on their website that this does not mean the end of the band at all, it merely means it will be the last big world tour they will do.

Wow, way to go and get everyone’s hopes up. We were all hoping this was the band finished, but in fact they’re actually working on new material as I speak (well type duh). Anyway,  I’m joking of course. This is great news, no one wants to see Judas Priest end, especially as they’re literally made of Metal. Unlike Rob Halford‘s latest album, Made of Metal, which is just made of cheese judging from the cover. So, to sum up: You have a new Judas Priest album to look forward to, a “farewell” tour and the potential of more albums and shows in the future. Just no more big world tours. Not bad right?

Nice use of semantics there though. Calling it a farewell tour is sure to get them higher festival slots, more hype and more money. Clever.

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