David Draiman might be Jesus

I’m not the most politically correct guy around, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t brag about ‘fixing’ skinheads to the press, much less by including the n-word in the quote.

David Draiman did though, I guess that’s where we differ. He had an interview with ‘The Jerusalem Post‘ and guess what he talked about? Being Jewish and having to fight to defend his heritage.

When we were playing Southside Chicago clubs, one of the guys who would come to see us was a skinhead, he had a swastika tattoo, the whole nine yards. After he became a die-hard fan, the band was sitting down having drinks after a show and he comes in and starts going on about **censored**  and Jews, and I interrupted him and said, “Dude, I don’t know if you realize this but I’m Jewish.” He responded, “You’re Jewish! This completely changes my whole idea of what a Jew is supposed to be.” And soon after that, he had his swastika removed, and denounced the skinhead culture.

Read full uncensored interview here.

Am I the only one who sees the subtle similarities to Jesus? Talking to ‘The Jerusalem Post‘ about sitting at a table and a disturbed (hehe) skinhead comes to Draiman and he offers one line and immediately heals the guy. I’m not one for religion, but HOLY SHIT…

Is Draiman HIM? Oh blessed be thy heart almighty Draiman. If only you could have met a certain Austrian bloke a few decades ago…

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