Within Temptation are back

I’ve never really been within temptation to buy a Within Temptation album myself, but you may be interested to hear they’re back and working on a new album (especially if you like Nightwish and the 40 million other goFFic female-fronted symphonic Metal bands around).

In case you haven’t heard of Within Temptation before and you wonder what they sound like, I can tell you now. Right, go and find the nearest source for some music from Nightwish (try Youtube or Spotify), and listen to it. Right, that’s what Within Tempation sound like. Or you could just ignore my stupid ideas, and just listen to Within Temptation instead.

The new album is titled, The Unforgiving, and is expected to hit stores n March 2011. Expect it to sound like the last Within Tempation album, which also sounded like the last Nightwish album.

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