More Dimebash info

Rumor had it that Phil Anselmo was gonna perform at Dimebash, apparently he isn’t. Blabbermouth confirms it saying he’s ‘sick.’

The planned setlist looks amazing though, so make the jump and read it, and also check out some photos.

01. Mouth For War (PANTERA)
02. A New Level (PANTERA)
03. Ace Of Spades (MOTÖRHEAD)
04. Cat Scratch Fever (TED NUGENT)
05. Jailbreak (AC/DC)
06. Runnin’ With The Devil (VAN HALEN)
07. Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)
08. Breaking The Law (JUDAS PRIEST)
09. Cowboys From Hell (PANTERA)
10. Symptom Of The Universe (BLACK SABBATH)
11. Planet Caravan (BLACK SABBATH)
12. The Trooper (IRON MAIDEN)
13. This Love (PANTERA)
14. Raining Blood (SLAYER)
15. Fucking Hostile (PANTERA)
16. Walk (PANTERA)

Source: Blabbermouth

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