Man hates Breasts

I know right? Madness! Who hates breasts? But it’s true…

According to an article on Blabbermouth, a father of a five-year-old child is fuming after McDonald’s management’s refused to switch television stations when when the uncensored version of Alice Cooper‘s “Poison” video — featuring a woman exposing her breasts — aired at its store in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.

Despite the fact it probably wasn’t long since the child was sucking on its mummy’s tit, the man was still outraged. If I were him, I’d be greatful they weren’t playing some Lady Gaga or Jay Z crap. Oh and that I was finally able to see some breasts.

The child was asked to comment, but apparently was unavailable after the trauma, stress and confusion of seeing naked breasts had caused them to spontaneously combust. It wasn’t caused by the quality food served at McDonald’s at all.

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