Disturbed throat

Attention disturbed Disturbed fans. Their upcoming show has been canceled. The reason? Frontman down with the throat sickness… Got up, came on, got down with the sickness.

“Disturbed’s concert Sunday night at the House of Blues has been canceled because the rock band’s lead singer, David Draiman, has been diagnosed with a serious throat condition. The condition is not permanent, but Draiman must stop performing for at least four weeks in order for it to heal. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

Read full article here.

David Draiman
goes to the doctor.

David: Doctor, I have some pain in my throat
Doctor: Let’s have a look, open your mouth.
David: Oooh ah ah ah ah
Doctor: Do you feel that?
David: Oh shit.

Seriously though, get well soon David.

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