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Severed Fifth

What do you get when you combine metal and too much time spent on a computer? No, it’s not Linkin Park‘s new 8-bit pop album. Yes, it is this site. But it’s also Severed Fifth, a one-man band and music project started by Jono Bacon.

“Founded by Jono Bacon in 2008, Severed Fifth blends together Bay Area thrash with British metal, all the while infusing their wide range of influences, and delivering a tight, competent, rhythmic attack that has a constant heavy undertone. “

If you wonder where the computer part kicks in (besides the computer program that kicked the double bass drum on the first album), it luckily has less to do with music, and more to do with this:

“Led by founder Jono Bacon’s philosophy, Severed Fifth  make all their music freely available under a permissive license, helping to bring their fans closer to the band, and encouraging fans to use Severed Fifth content in their own creative work.”

To translate it from geek, it means that everything Severed Fifth releases is free. Free as in “you don’t have to wait for 60 seconds on Rapidshare to download it”. Yay.

Over the past few months Jono has been busy recording second Severed Fifth album, Nightmares by Design (to be released October 11th), assembling a live band under the assistance of Chris Kontos, and making their live debut. We hope he also replaced the plugin used for drumming on the first album.

You can check the band out on their official website (where you can download the first album of course… No fear of RIAA attached) and see the new album cover and a few band photos after the jump.

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