Blast From The Past: Cult of Luna – Salvation (2004)

For fans of:  Isis / Neurosis / Callisto / Pink Floyd

Cult of Luna is a Swedish experimental and progressive Post-Metal band.  Gaining critical praise for the first two albums, Cult of Luna and The Beyond, it wasn’t until their third album that Cult of Luna really began to push the envelope.

Continue reading to see my review of Cult of Luna’s third album, Salvation.

Cult of Luna – Salvation

Cult of Luna built a steady following after their first two albums.  They had achieved critical praise for both albums, but at times they were criticised for being too similar to bands like Isis and Neurosis.  Third albums can always be tricky for bands, resulting in many bands either rising victorious, or fading into the unknown.  Try and write another solid album and you will be criticised for playing it too safe, but experiment too much and you’ll be accused of abandoning your roots.  With third album, Salvation though, Cult of Luna manage to find a perfect balance and rise triumphantly as one of the greatest Metal bands of the 21st century.

Salvation is both dense and intense in its texture and song writing, drawing influence from a range of musical ideas.  It is possibly the most demanding piece of work in Cult of Luna’s discography, but is without a doubt, the most rewarding for anyone that gives it a chance.  Clocking in at just over 72 minutes, with just 8 tracks, you can just guess how long some of the tracks are.  In addition, the album was created in order to be digested as a whole, and as such, the album is definitely not for those with a short attention span.

From the opening slow growing thunder of the Pink Floyd inspired Echoes, to the closing roar of the climatic finale, Into The Beyond, Salvation is a flood of atmosphere and sound that you will submerge you from start to end.  Cult of Luna have created an almost flawless work of art, with tracks Leave Me Here and Crossing Over being particular highlights.  If you like your Metal slow, intense, powerful, heavy and cold, then Salvation is without a doubt, well worth a listen.

Final Verdict:  A Masterpiece.


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