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New Black Label Society video

I’d really like to talk about Black Label Society’s new video ‘Overlord,’ but I can’t get the damn player to load for me.

Maybe you can though, try after the jump.


Zakk Wylde loves Lady Gaga

Zakk Wylde recently did an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and revealed that he’s a Lady Gaga fan.

“Actually, Lady Gaga, she kicks [butt],” he says, taking the bait. “My daughter’s 18, loves Lady Gaga. I think she’s amazing, too, because you could put her behind a piano and she’ll sing you a song, dude. And she writes all her stuff. She’s not some fabricated thing. She’s a legitimate artist. You could put her out on an unplugged tour. Madonna couldn’t do that.”

Read the complete interview here.

Who thinks Zakk Wylde should do a song with Lady Gaga? I do. You don’t? Who asked you? Now that Zakk got kicked out of Ozzy‘s band, he could just go to the next freak.


Best-Wylde tour

Zakk Wylde will be touring Best-Buy stores all across the country (I’m exaggerating, it’s only 3) to promote his new cd, signature guitars, etc… BYOB!

Dates after the jump.


Whiskey can't cure everything

Singer, guitarist and unintentional comedian Zakk Wylde had to cancel two shows from his tour after having a blood clot in his leg.

The shows will be rescheduled for free and the rest of the tour seems to be unaffected,  so why am I really writing this? God, I need a fucking job.


Breaking News: Zakk Wylde likes beer

Ever wondered why Zakk Wylde drinks so much? Well you’re in luck, because Zakk revealed all in a recent interview with the Omaha World-Herald (nope, we hadn’t heard of it either).

The reason Zakk drinks so much, is that… he enjoys copping a beer buzz. So there you have it. Simply amazing, am I right?

Want more Zakk facts? Well you’re in even more luck. Want to know the secrets behind Zakk’s awesomely long beard? Apparently it’s his love of cunninglingus that does the trick. Now you know what to do if you want to grow a beard…

Want to know why Zakk doesn’t believe in showers? Unfortunately, that’s one thing no one knows.

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