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Weak Recap: Taking it to another level

In last week’s edition of the Weak Recap, we decided to change things up a little. So Alex decided to wear a different hat, Guido changed his name to Bill, and I spent the entire interview hopping up and down on a pogo stick. For anyone who was lucky enough to witness it, they experienced one of the greatest feelings you can possibly feel, next to sex.

No, what really went down is we had the genius idea of doing what we already do (one of us interviews one of the other members of the team regarding the past week’s news) and instead added an extra person to the mix. It was like one huge orgy and a good time was had by all.

So how are we going to step things up this week? Well we’re taking it to a whole new level, I’m talking about the next level. No, ok, we’re just going to do the same thing, but it’ll be awesome, I promise.

Make the jump for this week’s Weak Recap, with myself (Mark) interviewing both Guido and Alex.


Review: Vastum – Carnal Law

It’s been a while since I’ve last reviewed an album so it’s time to listen to some new music and let you all know what to buy and what, well, not.

Today I’m reviewing Vastum’s debut album Carnal Law. Vastum are a band from San Francisco, California, consinsting of members of Acephalix and Saros.

Vastum play an interesting blend of oldschool Death Metal and Doom Metal but why don’t we just get right into the review? Make the jump to read on.

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