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New Týr song

We have never posted about Týr before and now we’re about them two times within one day? Sure! That’s how we roll. At first we ignore you, then we cover you more than any other band.

But joking aside, Týr released a new song off of their upcoming album ‘The Lay Of Thrym’ called ‘Take Your Tyrant.’ Listen to it below or go here.

It’s awesome but don’t take it from me, listen to it for yourself!


Video of this Week: Týr

Týr own. Their album from 2009, ‘By The Light Of The Northern Star,’ is my personal favorite album of 2009. This is Folk Metal, the way I love it.

Týr are actually the most popular and successful band ever in their homecountry, the Faroe Islands. Now, that’s pretty impressive, right? Especially for a metal band. But you have to take into consideration that the Faroe Islands only have a population of about 50,000. My hometown has a bigger population. Hell, even Aruba has a bigger population.

But all that doesn’t really matter and take away anything of their success. They deserve it too, because they’re awesome. So is the music video for ‘Hold The Heathen Hammer High.’ I mean, these guys are vikings, sailing and preparing for a great battle and once they arrive on the shore, they fight… a wooden cross. What the hell? Well, at least it’s a great song.

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