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Weak Recap: Survivor

We dedicate this one (the song above) to Mark, because he managed to survive living in the urban jungles of UK. Oh, how the tables have turned, we finally get a chance to make fun of his country.

All kidding aside, we’re glad the week is over, and everyone (that matters to us) got through it safely. It was tough, but at least it got us another Weak Recap to look forward to. Not to mention all the cheap Macbooks the staff will be getting quite soon. Can’t wait to go to the nearest Starbucks and look all smart and intellectual while I write shit on this website.

There are no Starbucks in my town, so the joke is on me, in the end, but guess what I have? Electricity? Sometimes. I have loads of fucking wit and a sharp-tongue. Combined with the other editors at Dose of Metal, we form a Mega-Zord. A Mega-Funny-Metal-Zord. Read on!


Ministry’s back… Alright!

You know who

Everybody, yeaaaaah… Rock your body, yeaaaaaah… Everybody, rock your body right. Ministry’s been confirmed for 2012 Wacken Open Air Festival, alright!


Video of the Week: Ministry

Does anyone remember the time when the USA had a white (lulwut?), dumb president? Oh, who am I talking about? Come on now, I don’t have to tell you his name, do I?

The dumb guy from Texas was probably the most parodied and ridiculed president the States ever had. Ministry even dedicated an entire album (Houses Of The Molé) to him, including the video above for the song ‘No W.’

So enjoy your Saturday with the song/video above. God bless America.


Interview: Tony Campos (Prong, Possessed, Asesino)

Tony Campos looks like a mean guy but he’s actually really nice, not to forget that he’s a great bassist and vocalist.

Tony plays (and played) in lots of bands, including Ministry, Dia de Los Muertos, Attika, Possessed, Asesino, OtepBuck Satan & the 666 Shooters, Prong and the band he started his career with: Static-X.

Check out my interview with him, where we talked about Asesino, his involvement with Possessed and his epic beard after the jump.


Sin Quirin is peeing bricks

Sin Quirin, of Ministry fame, has a delicate problem. He is literally peeing bricks.

I was taken to the hospital on January 1 at around 5 a.m.  I had excruciating lower left abdominal pain. It was the worst pain EVER.  Long story short, it was kidney stones… I’m feeling better now. I just hope they dissolve ’cause I don’t want to go through that EVER AGAIN said Sin while playing rock paper scissors (with actual rocks)

‘It’s raining stones… Hallelujah!’ is the joke I’d do if I was an asshole. But I’m a nice guy, so get well soon Sin!

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