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Lars Ulrich got another job

When Lars made a cameo in “Get Him To The Greek,” people kept joking about him wanting an acting career. I laughed at that preposterous assumption. But who’s laughing now?

HBO has added Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich to ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn,’ starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. Ulrich will play Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens in the TV movie, which chronicles the stormy marriage between Ernest Hemingway and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.

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Haha, really? Did they think of him because of “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” the Metallica song inspired by Ernest Hemingway‘s novel of the same name? Cause the movie seems to take place around the time that novel was written. Can you imagine Robert Trujillo scoring the whole movie on bass? Wow, this sounds like Oscar material already.

Frankly, if Lars is pursuing a movie career, I have two movies I’d like to see him in. One — A full length feature adaptation of “Napster Bad.” Two — The Robocop reboot. Look at that photo above and tell me he doesn’t look like Murphy. Your move, creep.


Someone went all ‘Metallica’ on Lars

Well well well. I’m not gonna mention karma but guess what, Lars just got sued. Was he found downloading on Napster? Close. He allegedly didn’t pay his assistant for a full year.

A Sausalito man who worked as a personal assistant to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has filed a lawsuit claiming years of unpaid overtime. Steven Wiig, 38, is seeking unspecified damages for alleged state and federal labor violations, breach of oral contract and continuing wages, according to the suit in Marin Superior Court. The lawsuit names Ulrich and Team Tours, a Burbank company that issued Wiig’s paychecks, as defendants.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Lars though, how many people sue famous and rich musicians all the time for a quick buck? I judge Lars for St. Anger though and his horrible ‘biscuit tin can’ snare.


Lars has an excuse

After waiting for an U.S. leg of The Big Four tour, fans are not pleased with the single California date. Lars has an excuse for that though. Here it is:

Listen, we don’t wanna cram this down people’s throats. We don’t wanna sort of overstay the welcome, and we don’t know what kind of response there’s gonna be to this in America, so we’re starting, obviously, without being disrespectful to the rest of the wonderful country […] When the Coachella organizers asked us if we would come and play there the week after and they would leave the scaffolding up and all that business, it just seemed like a great way to kick this off in North America.

So in case you Californians thought you were special or something, Lars clears it up. You aren’t. You’re just lucky people behind Coachella are willing to let them use their stage and stuff. Otherwise you’re just testing ground for the financial potential of this thing.

If there is enough demand for it, obviously there’s a very strong possibility that there will be more shows, but we don’t wanna overextend the welcome and we also don’t wanna turn it into something that becomes this whole nostalgia trip

Listen to the full interview here.

Translation: We don’t know if this Big Four tour is gonna do well in America, so we’re using Coachella’s sloppy seconds to test that. If that’s good, we’ll do more dates.

Wasn’t that just easier to say?


Lars Ulrich is responsible for half of Apple's sales

Lars Ulrich is a lot of things. Drummer. Art lover. Well okay, that’s all I can think of for now. Still, apparently he’s also a businessman. He’s helped sell half of Apple‘s products. You know that little indie firm, Apple, right? It was unknown until Lars came in and helped it get off its feet.

I’m the computer whore. Seriously. I am the reason Steve Jobs has sold half the devices that he has. Trust me. said Lars while polishing a statue of himself.

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Oh, don’t worry Lars, trust you we do. I’ve never even heard of Apple or this Stevie Jobe guy or whatever, so I do believe you. Don’t be modest now, we’re sure you’ve helped sell ALL the products, not just half.


Lars still likes his album

Lars loves to talk about his own albums, and his opinion is that Death Magnetic still sounds good. Why would he be biased? It’s not like it’s his album or anything, totally objective opinion, I’m sure.

I’m hard-pressed to think of a Metallica record that has lasted as long in the positive department. ‘Death Magnetic’‘s had a good lifespan. We finished it about two and a half years ago. I cranked a couple of songs in my car when I was home last time — a couple, three, four songs — and it still sounds… I mean, it’s got great energy, it’s really in your face, and it’s kind of just nutty and lively and cool. said Lars while selling a painting.

Listen to the full interview here.

Well, what can I say… It’s not hard having a ‘good vibe’ about an album if it’s a follow up to ‘St. Anger.’ I mean, come on, by comparison anything would sound great. Even Linkin Park. Well, okay, maybe not Linkin Park… Or Korn… Or any nu-metal band… But still you know what I mean, right? Right?

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