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The new Kittie album will be so awesome

Remember Kittie?  Surprisingly, they’re still around and recently completed their sixth studio album.  Morgan Lander, lead vocalist,  posted some news on the official Kittie Facebook page, which made me crack a smile.

Pretty sure we’re done writing for the new album! Fairly positive this is the most pissed-off-sounding record we have ever had!

Seriously?  Surely you can be a little more original than that, Morgan. You know what I would love?  Bands coming out saying their new albums aren’t quite as heavy as previous efforts and are calmer and less angry.  The only band I can think of that admitted their new album isn’t heavy is The Haunted (who aren’t really good anymore).

Anyway, I have no idea when the album is out.  If you’re a fan,  just click here for further information.



Look what the cat dragged in…

Okay, bad puns aside, seems that Kittie is still alive and well. We couldn’t care less either, but if you’re actually interested in seeing what they’re up to lately, make the jump and check out the video interview with Mercedes Lander.


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