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Thrash ’til Death – Big Four times four, part 3

I feel like I’m repeating myself when I’m saying that I love Thrash Metal but it’s the honest to Satan’s truth.

This is the third edition of Thrash ’til Death, where I’m basically listing my favorite thrash bands. Four bands a time, each led by a genuine Big Four band, you should know the deal by now. Make the jump to read on.


Video of the Week: Rage

You know what’s the greatest thing about this new collumn of mine? I don’t have to find high quality pictures and my fellow DoMers don’t have to find high quality pictures to replace my low quality pictures. Less work for me, less work for them.

So, this week I’m bringing you one of the greatest German Metal bands, fucking Rage! In 2009 at Wacken, Rage played a very memorable set that featured German Metal legends like Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian and the above performance of ‘Down,’ which features Destruction’s Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer. You’re going down!


Get your dose of Destruction

German Thrash Metal giants Destruction (God, I sound like I’m writing for Blabbermouth) are going to release their new album ‘Day of Reckoning’ next week on February 18 in Europe and on March 8 in the States.

Can’t wait for the album but don’t feel like illegally downloading the album? Well, Destruction are now streaming the entire album on Facebook. So Facebook is good for something else than some shitty movie with a shitty soundtrack, I see.

So, go and get your dose of Destruction (puns on our name are oh so easy) now!

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