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Holy shit: I actually agree with Def Leppard

There are a few things I’d say to Def Leppard like “Give yourselves a hand… You need it!” or  “Throw your hands in the air, I know one of you cares!”.

But there’s one thing I never thought I’d say: “I agree with you!”

First let’s put the quote up in this bitch, then I’ll say why I agree with it. Ready? Okay…

Primarily, Def Leppard really is a band. It’s five guys and we’re not a revolving door of musicians, which those other bands are. Whitesnake especially — I mean, has anyone actually counted how many musicians have been through Whitesnake? (laughs) I know it’s over 50. It’s ridiculous, and even Dio, like after I left Dio, there were several other guitar players, a couple other drummers, quite a few bass players (and) a couple of keyboard players. Def Leppard, if Steve Clark were alive, he’d still be in the band today. Def Leppard is not the kind of band that just goes out and swaps members.

– Vivian Campbell

Read full interview here.

I always thought bands who changed members all the time were not really bands. The chemistry between the original lineup makes the band. Changing it ruins that.

I do understand that some members leave, others pass away — shit happens. But bands that habitually change their lineup (like Megadeth or GNR) are pretty much solo projects. Not cool.

I really respect Leppard for being able to stick with their original crew. And I know I crack a lot of jokes about the drummer but I think it’s amazing that he continues to play with them in spite of his little accident. Only a HANDful of bands would keep him after that. Gotta hand it to them. — Sorry, can’t help the puns.


Def Leppard do Leno

Def Leppard have single-handedly (literally) performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I really don’t know what else to say, just wanted to make that joke.

You can find the show here if NBC.com is kind enough to stream it in your country. You can find Google here if you want to look up how awesome I am.


Def Rockline

Hey guys, what has 9 arms and can’t really play an instrument? An octopus on Guitar Hero.

Speaking of 9 arms, Def Leppard will be on the radio…

That’s right, according to Blabbermouth, the band “will guest on the nationally syndicated radio show ‘Rockline’ with host Bob Coburn on Wednesday, May 11 at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET.”

Don’t worry, they won’t be late… They can find a good parking spot pretty much anywhere.


I’d give my right arm for this tour

Till now, Def Leppard always got by on their own and they never really cared until they met them.

And now it chills them to the bone, how do they tour the U.S. alone? They don’t, cause they’re taking Heart with them.

Oh I crack myself up. Fuck you, it was funny! Hey, do you think they’ll make jokes like “This tour isn’t over until the fat lady sings… Oh shit, here she goes!”

Okay, that was mean.  Tour dates after the jump.


Def Leppard are going on tour

According to Blabbermouth, Def Leppard might be going on a two-month tour with Heart and Kansas. Or are they doing the tour in Kansas? Fuck it if I know.

Well, on one hand, I don’t really care, but on the other hand… Well, there’s no other hand.

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