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Friday Top 10: Best metal songs of all time

Yes, that’s right! We’re doing it. This Friday’s Top 10 is all about metal… But not just any metal… The best metal songs of all time.

After weeks of deliberation, this is what we came up with and I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the list.

So what are you waiting for? Make the jump… Now.


And it all started with Death…

It all started with the man above, Chuck Schuldiner. Death Metal. Some people may argue that it all started with Possessed but to me Chuck Schuldiner and his band Death are the fathers of Death Metal, without wanting to take away anything from Possessed’s legacy.

What I realized is that members of Death went on to form or join other Death Metal bands and in turn members of these bands went on to form or join other DM bands aswell and so on and so forth.

So what I want to do is this: I’ll give you a quick rundown of bands that are in some way related to the fathers of Death Metal. Make the jump for your daily dose of Death Metal.



Legendary Death Metal band Death are going to re-release their 7th and final album ‘The Sound of Perseverance’ on February 15 in North America, February 21 internationally. The album will be remastered and it will include previously unreleased demo material.

On top of that, original cover artist Travis Smith updated the album artwork for the re-release. Make the jump to read why Smith decided to update the artwork.


Death Metal time machine

December seems to be the month of death anniversaries. On the 8th, it was the 6th anniversary of Dimebag Darrell’s death and today it’s the 9th anniversary of “Evil” Chuck Schuldiner’s death.

So today German Rock Hard magazine, uploaded a video interview with Death, from 1991, which was originally released on the Rock Guerilla.tv-DVD Vol. 15. You can watch it after the jump.

Disclaimer: Not all Germans look like the interviewer Götz Kühnemund. At least, I don’t.

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