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Captain Overboard offer album for download

Captain OVerboard--Radio Earth!

There are two things Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! can do well: make good music and make it impossible for me to use their entire name in the post title. You had to trust us for the first thing (read our review of their debut album here), but now that’s about to change, because the band have offered their entire album for stream and download on their bandcamp page. The album comes in high quality mp3 and FLAC formats, and the offer stands for limited time, so rush over there and check it out.

You can also hear a few songs after you make the jump. Do that as well.


Review: Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! – Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! (2010)

Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! are going to release their selftitled debut album on October 5th of this year.

I’ve had the chance to listen to the album in advance, read on after the jump.

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