The Site

This site is a project between a few friends, nothing more, nothing less. We started it as a fun, non-profit blog, but ended up taking it a bit more seriously once hosting bills started to pile up.

Even so, this is not a business for us. We have jobs and lives outside of this site (unfortunately), and we only write for it as a hobby.

Whether you’re a musician (or you represent a musician) we wrote about, a fan of a band we wrote about, or just some guy who dislikes/hates our site, simply ignore and move along if anything written here bothers you. We are mean, but we are fair — we’re mean to everyone. We’re just some dudes with opinions, just like everyone else on the internet.

This is a humor site. first and foremost. Our main focus is to entertain people, and we have to act dumb or act like we hate some bands we actually love, simply to get a laugh or two out of you. If you want proper metal blogging, read MetalSucks. If you want proper and fast metal news, read Blabbermouth. If you don’t take your music (or yourself) seriously, consider reading our site.

This is not a disclaimer or an excuse, it’s more of an attempt to stop some people from wasting their time sending us hatemail or posting hateful comments. Learn to take a joke, even if you don’t laugh at it. This site is basically a daily roast of metal/rock musicians.

Unfortunately, people who do get angry on the internet have the attention span of a frog on LSD. So we doubt they’d ever read this whole thing. So really, this is just yet another body of text I just wrote for my own entertainment.



How do I get an avatar for my comments?
Simply register at with the email you use for comments. That avatar will display on many other sites, not just this one, which is why it’s a great idea to do so.

How do I get a skull next to my name in comments?
That’s an icon displayed next to people who wrote over 20 comments in the last 30 days.

Can I become a writer for your site?
Yes, we are currently looking for new writers, check this page out.

Can I send you my band’s music? Will you write about it?
You can send us your band’s music by accessing this link. We can’t guarantee we’ll have the time to listen to all of them and write reviews, but we do try our best.

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