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Tuesday Trivia: Playing break-up

The picture you see above is of a band called Nihilist, a Death Metal band from Sweden that formed in 1987. The four guys on the right are most famously known for being the original bandmembers of Entombed and the guy on the left is Johnny Hedlund, bassist and vocalist of Unleashed.

Nihilist broke up in 1989, but not without controversy. What the hell am I talking about? Well, make the jump to find out and read this week’s Tuesday Trivia.


Tuesday Trivia: The duck walk

One of the most recognizable things about AC/DC is Angus Young’s duck walk. Many consider it his ‘signature move,’ but did you know it’s not actually his?

Well, he did make it famous, plus his whole stage persona comes as a package: schoolboy uniform, guitar playing, duck walk. But someone else came up with it and he’s just as legendary.

Speaking of schoolboys, don’t confuse this with MJ’s moonwalk.

Make the jump to read who came up with this move and how Angus came to use it. It’s fairly common knowledge but, hey, I’m taking over Simo’s TT job today so Captain Obvious or not, I’m gonna teach you a thing or two about rock ‘n’ roll. Wooo…


Tuesday Trivia: The most expensive metal video

Movie camera

Lately, Dose of Metal was going all retro on your ass and revisiting some dying trends, so we posted a few music videos here and there. We also reported on Papa Roach. Get it, their trend died out a long time ago. Oh, we did it only for the lulz. Your mother as well.

Have you ever wondered though, which music video is the most expensive metal video of all times? I have, I checked, and I’m bringing you the info, right after the jump.


Tuesday Trivia: Of skulls and bones

Dose of Metal writers are awesome

It’s Tuesday Trivia, almost Wednesday edition. So what do I have for you today?

Bones. Are they metal? Well, if you’re over 70, chances are that yes, they are, but we’re talking imagery here. If the most awesome site on the internet has a skull for a mascot (he’s called Bob by the way), and one of the most amazing writers has a skull sitting on his work desk (thanks Guido), it’s fair we I make an article about it. And it’s fair you make the jump.


Tuesday Trivia: What’s in a name

Hello, my name is...

Some people say names aren’t really important – well, they probably don’t share a name with a future Sony gadget (like me) and have normal names. But what if you’re in a metal nu metal rock euro dance band and you’re called Chester Bennington. It doesn’t sound tough now, does it?

Make the jump to read a few stories regarding the issue of having a name (not) fitting to the genre you’ve found yourself in.

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