Tom Morello talks about Randy Rhoads

Here are a few things I dislike about Tom Morello:

– His ‘fuck the system’ pseudo-revolutionary rants who got old really fast
– His band’s vocalist being a rapper
– His comments on the UK riots from the safety of his home from overseas
– The short length of his guitar strap
– His hiding behind a ton of effects
– Being so overrated

Now here’s what I do like about him:

– His hats

Anyway, here’s what he had to say about Randy Rhoads:

I was big fan of punk rock and the whole do-it-yourself ethic, so for a guitar player to come along and rekindle the spirit and reset the bar for hard rock guitar players was a pretty big deal. See, I was never a big fan of the whole ‘party-hard-we’re-gonna-rock-harder’ world. I liked music. But I could see myself in Randy, how he was a real student of music.

Read full article here.

Except Randy didn’t have to hide behind hundreds of pedals, use a pitch shifter to disguise his noise as ‘guitar soloing,’ and other crap.

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