Robb brags about his fans and their MH tattoos

Robb Flynn thinks his fans kick ass. I agree. It takes a truly dedicated fanbase to forget that their favorite metal band turned nu-metal at some point. It’s like finding out your girlfriend’s been in 10 gangbang DVDs behind your back and then forgiving her.

So yeah, Machine Head fans seem pretty loyal, I’d bounce at the first sight of a baseball cap. Anyway…

We’re incredibly lucky to have a fan base that’s so passionate and so intense about our music. I mean, our fans live and breathe this stuff; it’s amazing. Every single day on this tour, I’ve signed kids that have our lyrics tattooed on their arm or the Machine Head logos and then they want to get our autographs

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The first kid to bring Limp Bizkit‘s Significant Other album for Robb to sign gets a $10 gift certificate on Amazon from me. I’ll throw in another $10 if you bring a LB tattoo, point to it and say to him “THIS COULD HAVE BEEN YOU LOL!!111”



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