John 5 explains his ‘controversial’ album title

I hate controversy… Why? Because most of it is planned controversy. When you include the word ‘GOD’ within your album title, you’re doing it for attention, because there is simply no other reason to do so, as there are so many words in so many languages to be used which people would not think twice about. But no, let’s just use God’s name to annoy/revolt some Christians. It sells.

So let’s hear why John 5 named his album ‘God Told Me To’:

The title means more than what it sounds like. I wanted to do this so badly, to be a successful musician. Not even like a rock star. My dreams didn’t go into that area. I want to make money playing guitar. I like prayed inside of my head as a little kid. I didn’t grow up in a religious home, but we went to Midnight Mass. That was the only time I’d go to church, but when I did, I prayed that I wanted to be a successful musician. I got my wish.

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And this is why I hate religious people. They talk the talk but they rarely walk the walk. And yes, I realize it’s a lame saying but so is Christianity. Using God as a tool to dump all your plans and frustrations on, and to shamelessly try to exploit his powers just for your own career goals pretty much goes against the concept of Christianity. Doesn’t it?

And now I don’t feel too bad about him getting kicked by Marilyn Manson.

P.S. = Midnight Mass sounds like a band John 5 would be part of. Just sayin’…

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