Torture Killer chose death

Torture Killer released their debut album For Maggots To Devour in 2003 and Matti Liuke sang on said album. Juri Sallinen replaced Liuke on a split EP with Satujumala in 2005. Chris Barnes, of Six Feet Under, replaced Sallinen on Torture Killer’s second album Swarm! just to be replaced by Sallinen again for their third album Sewers. Fast forward to 2012 and Pessi Haltsonen replaced Sallinen and is about to release an EP with Torture Killer, called I Chose Death.

Despite changing their vocalists more often than changing their socks, Torture Killer’s backing band has been rather stable since its inception. And that’s exactly where they’re very strong. I’ve always liked Torture Killer for their riffing and melodies. I Chose Death doesn’t seem to stray away from that too much and I really like the first song of said EP, which you can listen to below.

Make up your mind about it yourself by listening to it. Torture Killer aren’t groundbreaking but I’ve always had a soft spot for them and I’ll definitely get that new EP because they never disappointed me before.


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