Slamming Beatdown Death live… wait what?

I’m a Death Metal guy. Everybody who knows me, knows that I love Death Metal. I’m mainly into classic Death, but also enjoy quite a few Melodic, Brutal, Progressive and Blackened Death Metal bands, and in some cases even Deathgrind. I’m saying that to let you know that I’m open-minded when it comes to Death Metal. I even thought I knew quite a bit about the genre but I have never heard of Slamming Beatdown Death before.

So now I’m posting a live performance of Begging For Incest. I’ll be honest, I’m partly posting this because their vocalist Meik is a buddy of mine. But I’m mainly posting this because of how fascinating I find it that this actually appeals to me. It goes exactly against what I usually enjoy. It’s simple, it pretty much only consists of breakdowns and the vocals are mainly pig squeals.

It’s similiar to my fascination with Mortician. Dumbed down, braindead but fun Death Metal. Don’t watch it if you’re expecting something technical and challenging. If you’re able to turn off your brain and just want to have a good time with some really heavy music, watch the video above.

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