Korn performed at some Walmart thing; might co-headline Mayhem with Slipknot


I didn’t know Walmart had gone Yahoo! and shit, and now offers some web series to promote artists and in turn make money from album sales on their music store. Not saying anything bad about it, just pointing out  didn’t know about it. Also, I want to point out some metal news sites reported Korn were actually shooting a commercial for Walmart, and gloat over that. We at Dose of Metal would never do that (except I almost reported the news myself but felt too lazy to write about Korn).

The thing is called Walmart Soundcheck, and the band performed a few songs from their new album on it. Also, I should point out that Jonathan appears in his wubstep JDEVIL persona (with those creepy looking eye lenses and grills), which I thought was created to separate his solo stuff from the band. I guess it’s now safe to say that the band is nothing but a back up band to whatevs he’s doing at the moment. And he’s dubsteppin’, brah!

You can watch the (actually pretty good) performance of their classic Falling Away From Me and three new songs. If you really feel like it: click here!

The other news is still a rumor at this point, and being the quality journalist I am, I’m leaving it for the end and if I weren’t that lazy I’d also change the font to “smallprint” — there’s speculation that Korn and Slipknot might co-headline this years Mayhem fest. Will bring you confirmation when we get it.

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