Down EP details

30 minutes ago Down reveiled the tracklisting of their upcoming EP. The songs are apparently in no particular order, because Phil Anselmo couldn’t remember the order.

“Track listing for upcoming EP. Philip says it’s “a very pure doom metal record”.
In no particular order:
The Misfortune Teller
… The Curse Is A Lie
Open Coffins
This Work Is Timeless”


“Very pure Doom Metal,” huh? Phil said so, huh? He could have said anything really, from Death Metal to Black Metal to Epic Transylvanian Power Folk Metal. You just can’t understand the man’s babbling. He’s probably still talking now, 30 minutes later, so they just posted whatever that thought they could make out from what he said. And I use the word “said” very loosely here.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to it either way. I bet they’ll cleverly call it Down IV, so Anselmo doesn’t get confused.

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