Dose of protest

Again, keeping with today’s theme, I was thinking of other stuff I could post, and it led me to metal protest songs. I guess you could pick from a variety of themes (not like metal isn’t abundant in “fuck yous,” especially in the religious department) and bands, but I went with Sepultura.

For some maybe surprisingly, but to me this band always had a dose of subtlety to their political songs, mostly because they never went so far as to tell you what to do or think, or explicitly say which side to take, unlike, I don’t know, probably the most obvious choice, Rage Against The Machine (talking about the feeling I get when listening said bands, don’t take this as fact, dumbass).

Slave New World seemed fitting for today, so enjoy it, and don’t forget: FIGHT THE POWAH! BRING THA SYSTEM DOWN! ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY!!1!!!!1

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