Zakk Wylde blames BLS on Ozzy

When you’re responsible for awful things such as Black Label Society, no wonder you’re not gonna take any of the blame, and instead will just point the finger at the old mumbling guy who can’t defend himself.

Here’s what Zakk had to say in a recent interview about the band he named after a mediocre brand of whiskey:

Without Ozzy, there’d be no Black Label. That’s just a fact. So the whole thing is, nothing was going on, and then Ozzy just got to the point where he was like, ‘Zakk, I gotta get another guitar player.’ I’m like, ‘Ozz, I don’t blame you.’ I’m like, I’m sitting around here, I don’t know whether we’re coming or going, or whether we’re gonna do this thing or not do this thing.

Read full interview here.

Real mature, Zakk, let’s just blame it all on the guy with Parkinson’s disease. What is he gonna do? Shake about with anger?

Leaving all jokes aside, Zakk’s always been faithful to Ozzy and had only nice things to say about him. In a business where talking shit about other musicians is the ‘way to go,’ Zakk really is a breath of fresh air. And I actually love Black Label. The whiskey, not the band…

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