Saturday overdose: Cult of Luna

Just a couple of days ago, I started listening to Cult of Luna’s masterpiece Salvation again. For those who haven’t heard it yet, it’s killer! Get it, blast it, overdose on it.

To get you into the right mood for the weekend, we’ve got two Cult of Luna songs for you right now: ‘Vague Illusions’ and ‘Leave Me Here.’ The second of the two was a single in 2004, even though it was cut down from over 7 minutes to just over 4 minutes.

Some people don’t seem to have the patience to listen to a song that’s over 7 minutes long, but we are fucking metalheads. We’re used to lenghty songs. With ‘Vague Illusions,’ you get a song that’s over 10 minutes long. So you now have a soundtrack for the next 17 minutes to listen to while you read our site.

Cult of Luna – Vague Illusions

Cult of Luna – Leave Me Here

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