Gwar are honest about their canceled tour

Gwar recently canceled their European tour. You’d think it was because they wanted to mourn the loss of their guitarist. Nope, that wouldn’t stop them. Instead it was the poor sales.

Hey, at least they’re honest about it. Other bands would have said ‘the timing wasn’t right.’

Several of the promoters were alarmed by the low ticket sales, and they decided to start pulling the plug on shows. It got to the point where we had lost so many shows that we simply could not afford to do the tour.

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Listen, I’m no Gwar fan, but I’m very disappointed to hear bands canceling tours left and right because of poor sales. Where is the music industry going? Why is Lady Gaga (uglier than GWAR’s costumes) selling out arenas whilst metal bands have to cancel their tours?

Shit ain’t right.

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