Enter Slipknot

I buy CDs on the basis that I know I’ll want to listen to them at some point in the future. That point may be the day of purchase or it may be days, weeks, or even years in the future. With that in mind, I just decided that now is the right time to discover Slipknot. I bought the first 3 albums when they were released but until this week I haven’t heard any of them (I haven’t picked up the fourth one yet).

I read the metal press and esteemed metal websites, natch, but by listening to music in my own time I find myself well removed from any hype, allowing me to appreciate (judge ?) the music solely on its own merits. But hang on I’ve seen them play live thrice, and I’ve seen the Disasterpieces DVD too so what the fuck am I talking about ? Well yeah okay, but I still haven’t heard the first three albums until this week.

So now I presumably know what everyone else knows, The first album is good, the second is better and the third is the weakest. A most enjoyable week and well worth the wait as far as i’m concerned, in fact I’m playing Iowanow as I type.

Maybe soon I’ll be in the mood to listen to The Hellacopters, I’ve got their first 6 albums but as yet I’ve heard nothing by them, or maybe I should dig out some vinyl I have yet to play ? I know I haven’t played MC5’s Kick Out the Jams yet and I’ve had that in my collection for many years. Still, there’s no rush is there?

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