Metallica would suffocate with just metal, says Ulrich

For those of you still hoping that Metallica will one day snap out of it, and actually return to their thrash roots, here’s a little Lars quote for you:

People would like us not to stray beyond certain boundaries. That would kill Metallica. We feed on freedom. We love coming back to metal, but we need to turn over rocks or we’d suffocate. That’s our DNA.

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Look, there’s nothing wrong with ‘straying beyond boundaries’ for a band. We understand, you’re musicians, it’s your band, you have the right to go softer or do weird collaborations with the elderly citizens.

Problem is, you never actually ‘come back to metal.’ You really don’t, unless you count the live shows where, indeed, you do play mostly the classic songs. No one would have cared about the Load/ReLoad albums if they were just a phase, followed by AJFA (or at least Black Album) part deux.

But it never happened, once you strayed, you were gone, and that’s what upsets the fans. Again, I understand the concept of ‘my band, my rules.’ Start playing pop music if you want, it’s your right. But if you’re wondering why fans are upset and the metal community angry, this is why.

You’ve seen the positive comments on Death Magnetic. Go all the way next time, and everyone will forgive you for Lulu.


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Source: Blabbermouth

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