GWAR gwo on as if nothing happened

GWAR lost a band member, but let’s not get that in the way of touring… I mean, careers first, right?

Let’s see what GWAR‘s frontmonster has to say about this:

As the singer of GWAR and one of his best friends, I feel it is my duty to try and answer some of the questions that surround his tragic and untimely death. I know the sense of loss and pain is far greater in scope than in the insulated environment of a band on tour, and I will do my best to provide what clarity and comfort I can.

Singer, eh? Someone’s a bit full of himself… Anyway, moving on:

As we work our way through these difficult days the question is — what will GWAR do? After a lot of consideration, we have decided to carry on with the tour. Although the great temptation would be to return home, curl into a fetal position, and mourn, we can’t do that. First off, Cory wouldn’t want that. He would want us to go on and would be pissed if we didn’t. Plus we know the fans don’t want us to quit. They are going to want a chance to come to grips with their loss, and there is no better place to do that than at a GWAR show. Though it’s hard to believe, I think we all would feel a lot worse if we stopped.”

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Okay, here’s what I think. I think this is strictly a business decision, and this guy is trying to cover it up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a band should just stop because of a tragedy like this, and I do agree that almost no musician who passed away would ever want for his life’s work to just stop because of him. So I understand that bands need to go on.

But something about just continuing with a tour in times like these just doesn’t sit well with me. Not that I think canceled dates are a good idea, since a lot of fans might be annoyed, but I don’t know, take a few months off, pay your respect, bury him, then go on.

Not trying to be an asshole about it, but it feels like they said ‘What’s done is done, let’s just keep getting paid!’

I am in no way trying to say that the members of GWAR are not feeling sad or anything, I’m actually pretty sure this is probably not their decision. But the whole thing reeks of disrespect to me, so I won’t buy their excuses.

People used to laugh at Slipknot for taking so long to ‘move on,’ but they look pretty good right about now.

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