As I Lay Dying Cover 3rd Best Judas Priest song

Metalcore act As I Lay Dying recently recorded and released a classic Judas Priest song.  The song they covered was ‘Electric Eye’ and it will be appearing on As I Lay Dying‘s upcoming album, Decas, which looks to be full of remixes and cover songs.

If you’re interesting for the stream and for other information regarding the upcoming As I Lay Dying release, then check out Blabbermouth.

As for my opinion on the actual song, well… let’s just say I’d rather have a picture of Susan Boyle fully nude, tattooed on the inside of my eyelids for a day, than listen to As I lay Dying cover ‘Electric Eye one more time or anything else from their upcoming release.  My god, that was awful.

Source: Noisecreep

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